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Finally it was time to paint!  We chose Benjamin Moore's Advance paint in "Majestic Blue". LIke Buffy, I spoke to a cabinetmaker about making new flat paneled doors and drawers for my 1954 kitchen which went through a bad experience with 1980 oak veneer. The cabinets in my 1951 ranch house were re-faced with wood grain Formica in the early 70s probably, but I’d like to have them re-faced again. I have experience using MDF to replicate art deco details on vintage woodworking machinery. Neither high-quality plywood or solid wood should not be a problem with paint as long as a high quality primer is used. MDF is very heavy, but easy to machine, but I only use solid wood and furniture grade plywood. Most manufacturers probably won’t dovetail MDF because it is usually the chapest line and not worth the extra labor.
Thanks for your input, Natschultz, I advise readers to consult with their cabinet makers about all of these solutions. One more thing I will add: We have large vanities in two bathrooms, both made of MDF, both painted.

A kitchen sink base — that might be the cabinet that takes the most abuse in the entire house, agreed. If you have no desire to throw away or get rid of your existing bathroom cabinets, but really wish you could change things up, try this: decorative painter Kristen Davis has mastered a technique that transforms the look of typical white medium-density fiber board cabinets with a real wood look. As Kristen describes:Before doing the faux paint, you paint a coat of light brown primer underneath, and that's what gives it a multi-dimensional look - like stained wood, versus just dark brown painted wood.
But, this was my experience and what I was told by various cabinet companies when I went to buy slab-style doors that would be painted.
It’s a very versatile material but painting it can be tricky if you want professional looking results. Not all glues bond to MDF properly and screws specifically recommended for MDF are required for longevity. Complete with grain and texture, this method completely changes the look of these cabinets with only paint.
I’m wondering if it would be possible to make just the doors and drawer fronts out of MDF. It is highly unlikely you will get anyone to use dovetail joinery (mentioned above) with MDF.

When we moved into our 1961 FL ranch in ’99, the firs thing that had to go were the badly warped and cracked kitchen cabinet doors.
But note, before I found my metal cabinets, I had my kitchen also specked out for MDF cabinets. They had been cut from some thin plywood and painted, and they were so warped they had actually become crooked where they were hanging. I think that is a pretty standard approach — but again, talk to your cabinet makers and do your own homework to make sure that the solution is right for you.
I bet I had as many cabinets as Maribeth, and the store wanted $14,000, and painting was not included. The MDF was easy to work with (my husband is a metal worker by trade, but had no problems with cutting the doors), very solid, and took paint nicely.
I lightly sanded the edges where they were cut, so they looked a bit fuzzy on those edges before they were painted, but after painting they looked fine, and those edges are on the bottom anyway.

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