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I know there are a lot of people reading the My Pizza Oven series on Slice and salivating at the beautiful ovens depicted. A masonry oven might be a large undertaking for some, both in terms of project skill level and money. Sure, a cob oven doesn't have as long a lifetime as a masonry oven, but for $20 and a couple weekends' worth of work, you could consider it your starter oven. This week’s DIY is admittedly ambitious ~ but in the spirit of all of the outdoor dining happening this fourth of July weekend, I though it very appropriate! Beat the heat by cooking your meals outdoors this summer instead of turning on the oven in your house. This oven might not last forever, but it would be a fun and quick project for a one-time party or event.

A reclaimed 55-gallon food-grade barrel once used for honey forms the basis of this DIY BBQ Barrel, which gives grilled foods an extra smoky flavor. A group of friends wanted to hold an outdoor pizza party for 20 friends using the cheapest and most effective DIY pizza oven they could build. But Ziggy, over on The Year of Mud gives a breakdown on building an oven from cob, a building material similar to adobe, consisting of clay, sand, straw, water, and earth.
These 15 DIY projects include plans and ideas for building your own fire pit, pizza oven, grill, smoker or fully-appointed outdoor kitchen, whether you've got an expansive yard to work with or just a balcony. Cob ovens bake up incredible bread, pizzas and much more, and it's really easy to learn how to make one. The brick oven is made of cheap and easy-to-find materials and can be built on a wheeled platform to take on the go.

You could build an entire outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, countertop, sink and storage space. HGTV has instructions for building a stacked stone fireplace that will add incredible ambiance to any outdoor space. For this you’ll need an outdoor oven, and this piece you can build yourself without any problems. Concrete and brick ovens are rather easy to build, you can make different shapes depending on what you are going to cook mostly.

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