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All of our Murphy Bunk Beds are constructed of the highest quality furniture grade plywood and solid hardwood. Just think how much easier life will be when the kid's have room to play in their room instead of the family room and actually look forward to bedtime because their beds are so cool. STRANGULATION HAZARD -- Never attach or hang items to any part of the bunk bed that is not designed for use with the bed: for example, but not limited to, hooks, belts and jump ropes. The vertical closing bunk bed features a simple intuitive safe system by which one or two beds can be used - already made. We have gathered a list of the different types of Murphy Beds, to make it easy to get an overview of the many models and types. This model is a lot like the traditional Murphy Bed, but this model flips sideways up against the wall. This type is a lot similar to the sideways murphy bed above, as the pistons to lift this Murphy Bed are mounted on the side of the bed as well.

It is primarily designed to kids rooms, and other places where you need to fit in two or more single beds.
When the bed is raised to vertical position you can swirl the system around to reveal another function. During the last couple of years we have seen a lot of new clever designs of the Murphy Beds, and a lot of new Murphy bed models have evolved.
They are perfectly suited for the kid's room where play space can be utilized during the day when the beds are up and providing a fun place for two to sleep that requires only 45" space from the wall when open.
The Bunk Beds utilize the dependable and "whisper quiet" piston lift system that is guaranteed for life. At day time you have a full size working desk, and at night you flip it up and a bed appears. Our Bunk Beds are also a great space saving solution for fire stations, cabins, lodges and dormitories.

Also included is a three sided guard rail on the upper bunk that is securely bolted to the bed box and folds neatly into the bed cabinet as the bed is closed and a hardwood ladder for easy access. While we can't guarantee that the kids will go to bed willingly or that your brother-in-law will decide that this is the year that he pays his fair share for the trip to the mountains, we can guarantee that our Murphy Bunk Beds will maximize your space with the highest quality available on the market today. Our Bunk Beds come standard as Twin over Twin but are also available in twin extra long for those tall guests. Our Bunk Beds have a unique fully cantilevered top bunk that requires no support rods or bars to interfere with access to either bunk.
Not just for kids, our Bunk Bed systems can accommodate adults in comfort while freeing up valuable space during the day with a footprint only 17" deep.

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