Multi story self storage building designs, using old barn wood - Review

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Drive by the latest self-storage facilities being built today and you may need to look twice.
The face of self-storage is clearly changing as developers find ways to blend their projects into neighborhoods. Such multistory facilities are becoming more common, said Jeffrey Dallenbach, managing partner at Archcon Architecture in San Antonio.
Multistory projects can be essential to creating density to make a project economically feasible.
Multilevel facilities require elevators, stairways and more interior corridors—all adding to the construction costs.
Amsdell estimates the cost of building a modern, single-story self-storage property at $32 to $42 per square foot, while a multistory project generally costs $45 to $65 per square foot. In Texas, Skeans typically builds multilevel, fully climate-controlled facilities at roughly $50 to $55 per square foot. However, it’s important to note that when site work and land costs are included, a multistory facility actually may be less expensive. The upside to multistory projects is that they can cost less to operate on a per-square-foot basis.
As for security, multilevel facilities usually have more controlled-access points, making it easier to keep an eye on things.
In areas like New York City and Chicago, where customers are used to living vertically, multilevel facilities aren’t a drawback. At a multistory facility, you don’t always “have that ease of going into a drive-up unit and grabbing a large, heavy item and putting it in the back of your vehicle,” Dallenbach said. Welcome.The Storage Facilitator is the modern self-storage professional's destination for useful education, intriguing news, diverse expert perspectives, technology updates, and beyond. Get our free white paperThe Four Pillars of Profitable Self-Storage Management is an in-depth resource that empowers facility owners and managers to get more out of your business and stay ahead.

Tech-Fast specializes in designing and fabricating steel self storage buildings – buildings that look great, are easy to assemble, and provide value for decades to come. Founded in 1989, Tech-Fast has a long history of creating attractive custom self-storage facilities, simple economical basic buildings, and most everything in between.
At Kiwi II Construction, we believe the success of all storage projects can be measured by the performances of all involved. Providing Self Storage, RV Buildings, Flex Buildings and Pre Engineered Buildings all built from metal or steel components, we pride ourselves on completing our projects on schedule with cost efficient In-House engineering designs and Installations. With our headquarters in Sunny Southern California, we were one of the first Steel Building Companies to establish design standards for Vertical Self Storage Construction, and continue to be recognized as one of the experts in this form of construction. Mako Steel Will Customize Your Multi-Story Steel Structure Design to Meet Your Exacting Requirements. Having been involved in hundreds of Multi-Story Self Storage projects over the years, our design and drafting staff, as well as our project management and estimating team, help clients that are looking at a small footprint parcel to design a floor plan that will minimize structural steel requirements and maximize your return on investment.
If you are planning a Multi-Story Self Storage Building Project, you will want to download our Multi-Story Budgeting Guideline. The contemporary brick-and-glass facades and multilevel designs make these projects look more like office buildings than storage facilities.
Such multistory properties have been on the rise as self-storage moves out of industrial parks and into more visible locations—bringing with it a higher price tag on land. The old-school method of developing self-storage was to enter an industrial area or an empty field where land was cheap. So, you have to go vertical,” says Mark Skeans, managing partner of Skeans & Associates LLC, a self-storage developer based in San Antonio.
Seven of the last 10 self-storage projects Archcon has designed have included multistory construction for all or part of the projects.
The size of a multilevel project often requires fire and safety codes be followed, such as equipping buildings with sprinkler systems.

In addition to meeting fire codes with features such as a fire-proof shaft, a storage facility must install larger elevator cabs that can fit a couch or other big storage items. A single-story self-storage project typically requires 3 to 7 acres, while a multistory facility can fit on less than 1 acre. Furthermore, multilevel facilities also might be cleaner and more secure than their single-story counterparts. Outside major cities, though, units in a single-story facility generally are easier to lease than those in a multistory facility.
Steel buildings offer the advantages of low maintenance combined with flexibility of design.
In 2010, Trachte Building Systems purchased the company and moved operations to Sun Prairie, WI. From the start of the design phase to the completion of the project, Kiwi II is involved, ensuring your self storage project meets the budget and design requirements set by you the owner, the architect, and the city planners. The facility also sits in a busy commercial area near a grocery store, a Home Depot and a Walmart. For example, Stor Cresta Bella is an 86,228-square-foot facility in San Antonio that was recognized as the 2013 Facility of the Year by Mini Storage Messenger. A single-story facility often provides drive-up access to units, whereas such access may be limited or nonexistent at a multistory facility.
Between the two companies, over 60 million square feet of self-storage space has been developed, with locations in all 50 states and Canadian provinces.
The project contains about 500 storage units, as well as 32 mini-offices on the ground floor.

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