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The most complete article on Dirck van Rijswijck's life and oeuvre, Dirck van Rijswijck (1596-1679), a Master of Mother-of-Pearl by D. The 1789 sale catalogue of Twent's possessions (he died in 1788) describes the second mentioned panel (translated from the Dutch) as follows: 'a not less ingenious garland with flowers, insects and animals, ditto treated [ingeniously inlaid with mother-of-pearl in slate] and mounted [in an ebony frame], by the same [D.

The product range offered by us consists of Marble & Stone Carvings, Stone Inlays and Mother of Pearl mosaic.
395-404) there were two works of mother-of-pearl in touchstone among the 'Rariteiten' or curiosities in his house at Rapenburg 65 in Leiden.

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