Mortise chisels, wood screw size chart mm - Reviews

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For ten years Fine Tools has been offering a very high quality line of chisels made by Master Matsumura with a cutting edge made of the finest "white paper steel" under the brand name Koshimitsu. These are heavy, strong chisels made with very hard "white paper steel" edges for chopping. So we are very happy to be able to add these robust mortise chisels or "mukoumachi-nomi" which are made to the same extraordinary standard, to our store.

As the bevel angle is larger, they also can be used for levering out chunks - what you never should do with any other chisels.
Like other Japanese chisels, these mortise chisels feature a hollow back, which greatly reduces the effort and time needed to flatten and hone the chisel's back. By the way - as one reworks the back of hollow-ground chisels, the flat edge also moves back into the hollow, so that with normal sharpening methods, you never loose the vital flat area on the rear side of the cutting edge.

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