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Reader Rebecca tipped us off to the Moddi Murphy Bed Kit, and frankly, we're surprised we haven't seen it before!
Moddi sells instructions to create your own wall-mounted Murphy bed with inexpensive parts from IKEA and a hardware store.
While the instructions will cost you $8, Moddi publishes a free parts list on their website. If your home is short on space, a Murphy bed can be a great way to maximize minimal square footage while ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.
And as is the case with a variety of DIY tasks, you can select your ideal Murphy bed based on your skills and budget.

If you prefer a more involved project, you can also build the bed yourself before installing. You’ll also want to locate the studs within the desired wall to provide maximum support for the bed. The Moddi murphy bed is an easy to follow, step by step plan that includes a complete parts list, tools list, and mechanism parts list. You could opt to buy an already-assembled kit, meaning you’ll simply need to install the necessary hardware with the bed. For an inexpensive option, the Moddi Murphy bed uses parts purchased from a hardware store or Ikea, and a twin bed can be assembled for around $275.

Although the space around the bed can be used when the bed is secured against the wall, you may want to choose a more empty area of your room so that you’re not moving furniture or stuff out of the way every night. Perfect for the beginner “do-it-yourselfer,” the Moddi murphy bed can be assemble in less that 2 hours, and will only require 1 trip to a local home builders center and one trip to Ikea. The Moddi murphy bed is the cheapest murphy bed available allowing space savings at an affordable price.

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