Minwax red mahogany wood stain, how to build a wooden bmx kicker - For Begninners

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Maple and other similar types of wood are very poor at absorbing stain when sanded smoothly. The middle piece was sanded with 80 grit through 600 grit sandpaper, the grain then raised, and then stained. The bottom piece was sanded with 320 grit sandpaper and then 1 through 5 applications of stain were applied. Notice that the gel stain is much less blotchy than the penetrating stain especially when the grain is raised.

Maple and other similar types of wood, for example Poplar, are very poor at absorbing stain uniformly. Pre-Stain Wood Conditioners and various types of stain are available to improve uniform stain absorbtion. The major issue with this method is that the wood surface must be sanded evenly after sealing to produce satisfactory results.
As can be seen in the photos above, the most uniform staining results appear to be those treated with the Sanding Sealer.

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