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It is an issue for anything except dark pigment stain that covers more or less like paint, obscuring any grain in the wood.
OK if that is the look you want, bad if you want something that actually looks like stained wood cabinets and not painted cabinets.
I posted many pictures and details on a thread called 'general finishes gel stain update' I think. My husband spent just a few minutes sanding the back of one of cabinet doors today and then applied Minwax Mahogany gel stain and wiped it off.

He said that if we dont wipe it off, its just like paint and stain is not meant to be paint. It just seemed impossible to get an even coat with Minwax stuff, it just smeared all over the place and I had brush marks if I tried to even it out with a brush.
The GF gel stain will likely work for you as long as 1) you get the surfaces clean and smooth, and 2) you are OK going very dark, e.g. One caution though, is that you are more building up the coating like paint then like a true stain so you can get scratches in your finish.

Yes, some will come off easy, but the problem is that you have to get ALL of it off to use stains designed for bare wood.

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