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Categories: Woodworking Shelf Plans | Author: admin 27.01.2012

For an apartment dweller with limited space, this new workbench from Lee Valley is what you really need. This time-saving device is easy to build, even for beginners, with the step-by-step instructions in Miniature Bench digital plan. Clamped atop a regular workbench, this mini-bench is the perfect length to accommodate most furniture parts. The miniature bench crafted by Steve is made of cherry, but you can use any hardwood that is wear-resistant and tough enough for benchdogs and hold-downs.

I have had great experiences with their tool boxes and organizers, and don’t doubt that the workbench is well made.
This mini-model sits atop your regular bench, bringing your work up to a comfortable working height, so you can get closer to the task at hand. The legs are mounted flush with one side so that you can clamp work to the side of the mini-bench.
Each leg assembly is mortised on the flush side so that the mini-bench can be easily clamped to a regular workbench.

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