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CNC Routers are the CNC machines of choice for woodworkers, and they make an amazing addition to any woodworking shop.
DIY CNC Routers can be fabricated from materials ranging from particle board to all-metal construction with precision rails that results in a professional quality machine. A typical CNC Router Tables will have relatively limited Z-travels, so it will be more for parts cut from sheet materials like a plasma table. I've shown some fairly elaborate projects here to give a sense of the tremendous potential having your own CNC Machine can bring.
These machines are aimed at wood, plastic, and if you have a well-made rigid machine, soft metals like aluminum.

Almost anything you'd like to make from wood, plastics, or if the table is up to it, soft metal. Depending on how many corners you cut with the CNC Router, and how elaborate your CNC Mill project is, a CNC Mill is probably the most expensive, hardest to do, but most flexible DIY CNC Machine.
Medium to High: This project is best tackled as a conversion of a manual milling machine to CNC. Wood Carving CNC RouterWood Carving CNC Router QL-1212 Characteristics: 1, Germany-High-precision ball screws Preload Consumers gap, the movement to reduce the gap to the minimum.
Wood carving CNC router with four spindlesWood carving CNC router  Main features 1.
Don Druckenbrodt, owner of Nite Owl Guitars, built a Solsylva CNC router that's a little bit bigger than mine. I took a week of vacation time just to work on my Solsylva CNC router.  My goal was to spend at least 10 hours a day on it and try to get it finished.

Painting has frequently held up my progress and if I could do it over again I’d probably stain my router’s wooden parts like Don Druckenbrodt did. As such, you'll have the cost of the manual machine as well as all the additional CNC parts.
Another factor driving increased cost is you will need to purchase CAM software of some type to get full benefit from a CNC Mill.

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