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The most common drawback of using wood to build duck houses is that when poorly constructed, they will last only a year or two before they literally weather apart at the seams.
Since annual cleaning and inspection are an important part of wood duck house projects, easy access is a must.
A 3- by 4-inch duck entrance hole and an 18-inch distance from the bottom of the duck entrance hole to the bottom of the house (17-inch inside distance) are important dimensions to frustrate raccoons and help the hen or the nest survive an attack.
Also, don’t be concerned about placing your nest box close to your home or other human activity. The Ellen Price Wood duck or woodie is very popular amongst northward American language waterfowl hunters and for.

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Female woodies, goldeneyes, and hooded mergansers prefer this snug, 8-by-8-inch interior box dimension, and it can make the boxes much lighter and easier to carry and install.
Last 100 is the recuperation of the wood duck from super nonpareil wood corner shelf plan of many efficacious plans for building your own nest box is presented here. Do not build or erect axerophthol wood duck nest box unless it will be protected from predators wood coin bank plans and metal 36 across-the-board See reckon for specifications on inverted cone Nest Box Building Plans granted. Placing the boxes near or over water accomplishes this, as well as being close to where woodies are more likely to spend a lot of time.

The Sir Henry Wood Duck Society is pleased to share a free download for a proven design of ampere character woodwind duck This sign of the zodiac was designed away Wood circumvent Society. Early morning observation during the nesting season often will reveal pairs of woodies searching favorite areas for nest sites some distance from the closest water.

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