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With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can construct a Pet Cremation Urn Box, as shown here. With the rising cost of funerals and premium price tags at funeral homes, the two most affordable options are shopping for a cremation urn online and making one yourself. Doug Stove has a fine tutorial walking you through the step to build your own wood cremation urn. You may think of an urn as being more like a vase, but according to all things Google, a box can be an urn, too!
AJ Moses at the Woodworker’s Guild of America has written a very easy tutorial on how to build a simple yet classical-style wood box urn. If you are planning on a sea burial for the remains, using a biodegradable cremation urn is both eco-friendly and wind-proof, allowing you to scatter at sea without having to pour out the remains.
Hello Renee, I just wanted to let you know that I received the urn yesterday and it's beautiful!

The urns arrived today, they are absolutely beautiful, fantastic job and perfectly packaged for a long trip here.
This urn has engraving options- engrave directly into the wood (top of urn only) or engrave on a matching small or large plaque (refer to photos for samples). Unless you are burying the urn at a cemetery or storing the urn in a columbarium (either of these options may have specific requirements for the urn), you are free to use any container you see fit to hold the remains.
This DIY cremation urn tutorial excels in showing you how to make sure you build the urn to the correct volume. While YouTube and Vimeo are filled to the brim with instructions on making hand-spun ceramics, this one stands out from the rest because it teaches you how to create an attractive lid. The Love Alway Urn is beautiful and will be the resting place and memorial for our little girl. By having my granddaughter select this Urn will help her in bringing closure, se was not able to see her to say goodbye.

If you are in need of a memorial product for a family pet please see our website for pet urns. When making a cremation urn, the lid is important as you do not want the interior to be easily accessible. This is well-filmed and easy-to-follow tutorial which will help you with your DIY cremation urn. The resulting homemade paper mache urn will be biodegradable for use in burial at sea or in the ground.
Our local Chaplain came down with me, and he blessed the urn before releasing it in to the beautiful calm Mediterranean sea out here in Menorca.

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