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MLCS NOTE: As noted in the Instruction Manual included with this product, additional spacers can be used when thin stock cannot be clamped due to the positioning and size of knobs.
Since you cut both sides of the half-blind dovetail joint at the same time, a perfect fit is assured for this joint. See additional half blind, through and box joint templates for the MLCS Jig by clicking the tab above. This dovetail jig works well but it took a long time to set up, but once I got it set up it worked well for the price. Because dado cuts are so commonly done in cabinetry and carpentry, and because they cannot be made with a single pass of a normal saw blade, special blades, called dado cutters have been created and are readily available for the woodworker.
Next I switched to my straight router bit and mounted the pins template to the template holder. These router bits enable restorers and reproducers of fine furniture to make authentic mouldings similar to those found on traditional 17th century British furniture. Chamfer and roundover router bits with a brass guide for sign making and routing in tight corners.
Bullnose router bits for milling beaded edges with a single pass for beautiful stair treads, shelves or window sills. Profile router bits for making period furniture moulding, panel moulding waist mouldings and more.
Dado and planer router bits can clean out dadoes, rout signs, finish rough stock and even remove paint or varnish. Use these dovetail router bits to create precise dovetail joints for drawers, boxes and furniture.
Our drawer locking joint router bit produces strong, well-fitting joints for quality drawer construction. These edge beading router bits create a whole range of interesting edge effects and traditional moulding designs. Produce perfect finger joints in a wide array of stock thickness with this professional finger joint router bit. Flush trim router bits are used to trim the edges of a veneer or thicker piece to an exact fit. These flush and v-groove router bits trim face frames flush with cabinet sides and cut a decorative v-shaped groove to help hide the joint. A carefully matched flute and bead router bit set for milling slats for wooden canoes, curved planters and similar projects. This reverse glue joint router bit makes fast, accurate glue-ups and strong joints to fabricate large panels for doors, cabinets or table tops. Cut a keyhole slot with a wider slot beneath the surface, for flush wall mounting pictures and other objects without wires.

These lettering and point cutting router bits enable you to create custom letters for sign making. These router bits produce strong and beautiful lock mitre joints for kitchen cabinetry, drawers, four-sided planters, boxes, picture frames and much more. Two-flute mortice and tenon router bits that deliver clean edges, flat bottoms and perfect shoulders on tenons.
This very clever multi-radius router bit will give you the ability to switch back and forth among three popular radii without ever changing bits.
Ovolo router bits can cut simple roundovers and dramatic veins, decorate large panels or even plunge cut to produce eye-catching rosettes. The Queen Anne router bit mills the oval shape found on the edges of many pieces of fine furniture. These radius grooving router bits are great for custom sign making, veining, lettering and edge work. These back cutter router bits cut a rebate (rabbet) in the back of raised door panels to keep the face flush with the rail and stile door frame. These quality rebate (rabbet) router bits produce inset door and drawer faces, cut strong rebated joints, inset cabinet backs and more. Give any surface a special touch with a delicate cove or an eye-catching vein with our roundnose router bits.
Our roundover and beading router bits give you a smooth radius that is ideal for the edges of furniture and moulding. Our three-wing slot cutter router bits allow you to cut a range of grooves, rebates or biscuit slots.
Upcut spiral router bits plunge easily and produce smoother, cleaner cuts than straight router bits.
Downcut spiral router bits can be used for cutting grooves, dadoes and inlays leaving a clean top surface with minimal tearout. These compression (upcut and downcut) spiral router bits cut both top and bottom edges of a board cleanly.
Premium straight router bits for dados, rabbets, pattern cuts or virtually any application requiring a straight edge. Straight router bits with a plunge point so you can make smooth flat-bottomed plunge entry cuts in the middle of your workpiece. These T-slot, channel and hinge router bits cut a T-shaped slot that is wider underneath to hold a bolt head, for custom wall hanging units.
Our table edge router bit cuts a smooth, well proportioned curve that will give a dining or coffee table a classically modern look. Cut tongue and groove joints with a decorative v-groove along one side of the joint with this matched pair of router bits.

Our two-piece window sash router bit set makes elegant and strong sash parts and perfectly-matched rail and stile parts. Since both sides of the half-blind dovetail joint are cut at the same time, a perfect fit is assured for each joint.
I actually had to download the instructions for the Porter Cable dovetail machine and templates to figure out how to use the MLCS System.
Our technical department also provided the customer other options for resolving this issue with his particular application.
Create decorative and secure half-blind or Rabbeted half-blind dovetail joints on small drawers or boxes. Make a classic through dovetail joint, a joint that is the hallmark of fine craftsmanship, with our 2 pc accessory templates. It is made toxic as a matter of public policy compromise due to the fact that it is useful as an industrial solvent, but relatively inexpensive to make and would otherwise compete with publicly taxed drinking alcohol. The two common types are the dovetail keyed mitered edge joint and the dovetail keyed mitered face joint. Although the products are quite different those instructions supplemented those that came with the system. Self-spacing edge guides are included to provide the proper offset for precision joint alignment. Joints made with dado cuts are classified depending on whether the dado cut goes into both edges (through dado), only one edge (half blind dado), or neither edge (blind dado). For oily woods, particularly cocobolo, polyurethane adheres VERY poorly and takes approximately forever to dry but a barrier coat of dewaxed shellac will bond like glue even to oily cocobolo (although it's not a bad idea to rub it down with acetone before the first coat) and then polyurethane will adhere strongly to the shellac and dry quickly. The installation of diagonal bracing is somewhat counter intuitive; First the upper edge is nailed in place with the lower edge just left hanging, then the sheathing, whether floor or ceiling, is put in place and nailed down, THEN the bottom edge of the diagonal bracing is nailed in place. For illustrations, see JOINERY GROOVES and those three terms for which the URLs were just given. This easy to use solid aluminum template and steel jig is precisely machined for creating strong, secure and accurate half blind dovetail joints or half-blind rabbeted dovetail joints. This is the perfect solution for sturdy boxes and drawers with the classic dovetail joint design.The solid aluminum template is CNC machined.
More illustrations are given with each term, but here are examples of the three main types of dovetail and a long list of various dovetail joints is given with the term dovetail router bit.

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