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January 23, 2013 67 Comments Last night I did something that I’ve wanted to do for quite a long time.  I figured out how to make cabinet doors without using any kind of special tools! My original plan was to just add some pretty trim to the existing doors and drawers, and then paint everything.  That definitely would have improved the doors, but there are two reasons I decided not to go that direction. That did a great job at dressing up the front, but obviously I had to do something to cover up the edges since you can see where the plywood edge meets the trim. So next I took this really small trim (I have no idea what this is for, but it’s incredibly cheap, and rounded on both edges), and cut pieces to cover the edges of the door. And the thickness turned out perfectly!  The thickness of the new door is only slightly more than the thickness of the old door. I am thrilled that you posted this AND with pictures, I am dying to do this to my kitchen, cabinets and have not been able to visualize it.

Sooooo excited to see someone tackle making door fronts as I have 33 kitchen cupboards that are in desperate need of a makeover but the pocketbook doesn’t have enough in it to get ready-made.
Stain the molding and nail the pieces to the face of the door, making sure the nails do not protrude through the door.
My wife and I like your idea on redoing caninet doors, but can you do the same thing on drawer fronts.
On painting the boxes of cabinets do you have to sand the paint if the cabinets are 15 years old. Yes, you can apply moldings to drawer fronts so they match the molding applied in the video above to plywood door.
It’s always a good idea to thoroughly clean cabinets and lightly sand them before refinishing.

I wish you had done this a year ago when my hubby was making doors for the front of our tub- we just ended up with plain boards rounded on the edges. If your cabinets are stained and you are just applying another topcoat of varnish, just lightly sand them with fine (220 grit) sandpaper before finishing, being careful not to sand through the existing finish and into the stained wood.

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