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DIY Project Accent Furniture, How to make a cheap solid wood table top out of inexpensive lumber. With the furring strips glued and screwed into place, I flipped the table base over and placed it on the table top.
Using my tape measure and a pencil, I marked where the table top needed to be cut, allowing for a 1?” overhang all the way around the table top. At this point, the table top was still pretty rough, so I started with 100-grit sandpaper on my electric sander.
I went over the top several times with the sander, being sure that the top was smooth and even, especially where the boards met.
This next step is completely optional, but I wanted a completely smooth table top, so I used wood filler to fill in any gaps between the boards, and then sanded them perfectly smooth. Pre-drill, pre-drill, and pre-drill!!!  I made a rookie mistake by not pre-drilling my holes when I attached the table top to the base, and I ended up paying dearly (not so much with my wallet, but with my time) when my table top cracked.  Don’t make this frustrating mistake!!
Fill the hole with wood filler, let it dry completely, and then start again predrilling this time. We just measure the dimension of pallet the targeted top of the table and then tear the pallet apart to fill the top with it. Well, this chevron wood table top project turned out to be a real time-consuming pain in the neck, folks.  And the interest thing is that the actual building of the table top was the easiest part of the whole thing!  I mean, cutting all of those wood pieces was a breeze since there was no measuring involved, and then gluing and nailing them to the MDF was simple and went fairly quickly. So when I left off  yesterday, I had a bit wood filler mess.  But that was a planned mess, so it was okay.
I thought I wanted a stained look under the paint, so I used Minwax in Special Walnut, and it just turned out ugly.  I mean, yellow and orange wood grain streaks galore!  I just looked like yucky cheap wood.

I sanded it down some and got it to a color that I thought I could live with.  After all, the top was mostly going to be painted.
I felt like there was no way to make that look like naturally weathered, distressed wood.  If I kept on, it would look completely contrived and ridiculous. So, I decided to have a fresh start.  I sanded the entire top down completely and started over. Or click on the thumbnails below to see other DIY projects that I did for my condo breakfast room makeover.
I bought a cheap dining room table from good will to use for my desk, it has a leaf in the middle to make it longer.
I haven’t done a table top other than a workbench(Plywood!) but I have done cabinets and beds. My hubby just busted my track on my table that puts the 2 pieces together (( just the track.)) and I was looking more for a French country look .
There are countless possibilities to reuse the pallet wood for domestic furniture and its improvement plans.
We just simply topped up the metallic pedestal stand of table with pallet wood which really came up with an stunning and precious look. A little bit sanding of wood is always appreciable and make the wood look great and amazing. Precise cutting will give you the best fitting of planks which is the only main thing in this whole DIY pallet project of pallet wood. If you have some other options to make it look great and stunning then go with them to get the desired and most personalized behaviors of your pallet stuff.

It has actually inspired me to look at more creative ways at using good frames and adding a new top. I wanted to glue the leaf to the other two sides and thin fill in the holes with wood filler and I was advised by mom friend that it wouldnt work, but now I have proof cant wait to try it out!!! I made a round top ,using your instructions and screwed it to the old top ,sanded and stained the legs to match the top .I over laped the old top by two inches .
In this DIY pallet furniture we have renewed a crumbled and broken up metallic table by making its top with pallet wood.
This DIY pallet table is just perfect now for coffee taking, to have some afternoon snacks and morning breakfasts. In this DIY metal frame pallet wood table top project we have done nothing big but the thinking about pallet reclaiming is really swank and unique. The combination of wood and metal is appreciable and make really big statements of cozy furniture. The stain grade plywood usually has a pretty good stain surface and the construction of the plywood makes it pretty stable. After cutting the edge may have some minor voids, which can be filled with wood putty and sanded nice and smooth.

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