Make a wood hauling sled, veneer inlay techniques - Review

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The whole of England was blanketed with snow and living right by Hampstead Heath I jumped onto the opportunity to go sledging, after I'd finished all of my work for the day.I didn't want to fork out on a new one, but I wanted something a little more substantial than a dinner tray.
The automobile seems vastly more complex when placed side-by-side with the wooden-wheeled wagon of yesterday; yet for our settler forefathers and foremothers the wagon itself was not so easily come by. But the wooden wagon wheel is a very complex invention; a marriage of steel and wood that requires constant care and attention to continue deriving benefits from (ask any wheelwright).

The different things hauled would usually dictate the design or characteristics of the sled.
Lighter sled loads, like hay or grain may have needed only small runners made from green saplings. Heavy duty sleds had large runners sometimes fashioned from sections of trees with a crooked angle, cut, and split to form the matching runners (see below).

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