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Screw Feeders, Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors and Bucket Elevators are used throughout the agricultural process for the conveying and elevating of varied products.
KWS has designed and manufactured processing equipment for almost every form of alternative fuel. KWS specializes in designing and manufacturing equipment for the harsh and dangerous chemical industry environment. The treatment of water and wastewater requires separation of grit, screenings, sludge or bio-solids from liquids. KWS designs and manufactures highly polished stainless steel equipment specially designed for the food industry.

KWS supplies equipment for storing, elevating, conveying and metering bulk materials such as saw dust, wood chips and wood shavings. The mining, crushing, washing and drying of many metals and minerals is accomplished by the use of KWS conveyors.
Exploration and production of oil and natural gas requires the use of many different types of bulk material handling and processing equipment provided by KWS. KWS has designed and manufactured equipment for conveying and processing coal, petroleum coke and every form of alternative fuel. Bulk materials such as wood chips and chemicals are conveyed, metered, elevated and stored using equipment made by KWS.

KWS equipment is found throughout the minerals processing industry to convey stone, glass, cement, concrete, brick, tile, and more.

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