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Linseed oil, a common wood polish and sealant, can burn your house down in minutes if it's not handled properly.
The product can spontaneously combust and mishandling it can be as simple as tossing some rags and newspapers, soaked in linseed oil, in a box, as ABC News did for an experiment.
In our experiment, a thermal imager revealed glow-in-the-dark spots where the linseed-soaked rags had reached 110 degrees after an hour. Linseed oil is safe for wood because you spread it out, but left wadded up on rags or paper the oil is so concentrated that it heats up as it evaporates. Some experts say spread linseed-oil soaked rags flat on your driveway until they are totally dry.

For those of you who are unaware of the safety hazards associated with oily rags in the shop, news reports about shop fires started by improperly stored oil-soaked rags are common place. Safe home-shop solutionsAs many astute readers pointed out in the Knots forum, the answer we provide in the quiz of storing your oil-soaked rags in an airtight metal container (like this one) only works if you subscribe to a service that collects those oily rags for proper disposal. UPDATE: To answer the comment below, an oily rag has cured when it becomes hard and brittle. I have to admit, while I helped write our new safety quizzes using our library of expert texts as resources, I typically dispose of my oily rags by hanging them over the edge of a trash can until they dry, and then throw them in the trash. One of America's biggest high-rise fires, in Philadelphia in 1991, was caused by workers who didn't clean up linseed oil properly.

Fire starting without even a spark and the cause, lynn seed oil, the oil used to preserve wood.
Reporter: In our experiment after just an hour, the linseed-soaked rags have reached 110 degrees. Some experts say take linseed-oil soaked rags and spread them out on your driveway until they are totally dry.

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