Linseed oil finish wood, how to build wood store - For Begninners

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USE ON: Fine woodwork, wood trim, cutting boards, cribs, kids furniture or any place a high quality linseed oil finish is desired.
The finest Linseed Oil produced in the USA is selected every year and set aside for small specialty batches. For the most sophisticated oil finish: Sand to higher grit after applying 2-4 coats, such as 220, 320, 400, 600, 1000 and polish with Looking Glass Beeswax Polish.
Special Linseed Oil is pure flax oil that is specially selected from the best batches of each years crop.

This linseed oil then undergoes a series of natural processess, above and beyond what any typical polymerized linseed oil would undergo. Wood coated with Special Linseed Oil does not spontaneously combust because it is open and air flows freely. It's similar to high grade polymerized linseed oil but very clear and not so thick that it won't soak deep into the wood.
Our linseed oil wood finish is very clear and dries naturally with out the use of any driers at all.

If no air gets to the oil and it is left in a pile long enough it could generate its own heat and eventually self ignite.

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