Lie nielsen no. 7 jointer plane review, chest of drawers design plans - For You

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If going over your target price by $125 or so bothers you, consider this: this plane will last you decades. I just found out through the grapevine that Woodcraft is adding a #7 jointer to their Woodriver lineup. Like all Lie-Nielsen bench planes, it's based on the famous Bedrock design, where the frog is bedded to a specially machined surface on the sole.The body is ground dead flat and square for accurately jointing and shooting long edges, as wall as surfacing large areas quickly and accurately.

And although I've bought and tuned up used planes with success, a jointer plane is going to be more effort to tune up because of its size.
I have one of their smoothing planes and I only use it for a very limited range of applications but my cheaper Record smoothing plane gets used every day. The blade is mounted at an angle of 12°) long with a wide A2 cryogenically treated blade its dimensions are the same as a standard No.

If it is anything like the other planes it should be very solid after a slight bit of fettling.

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