Lee valley woodworking catalog, woodworking shows on tv - Review

Categories: Woodworking Plans Corner Desk | Author: admin 07.07.2013

I originally discovered Lee Valley, the coolest tool store ever, over 25 years ago from one of my father's best friends who dabbled with weekend woodworking projects. Most Lee Valley dissidents I have met complain about prices - but in 30 years of accumulating planes, chisels and carving tools - I have yet to find a store that consistently has better prices than Lee Valley. Early on I learned that it is deceivingly easy to spend my entire paycheque on a visit to Lee Valley.

For you cooking fans out there searching for those micro blade stainless steel cutters for food preparation: Lee Valley had them first and have them cheaper than any cooking store.
Now, with a store in Victoria, I'm willing to bet the gardening gadgets will outsell their traditional woodworking catalogue.

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