Laying out a room for tile, fine woodworking publications - How to Do

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In a rectangular or square room, pencil in reference lines at the midpoints of the walls and draw in tiles on both axes.
When laying out an L-shape room, position the lines so they carry from one room to the other.
To establish lines for a diagonal layout, first pencil in lines at the midpoints of the room. When you are preparing a dimensional layout plan, draw the tiles in so a full tile will fall with its edge in the center of a doorway.

If the tile continues into an adjoining room, center a tile at the doorway, if possible, so an even portion lies in each room. Now measure from the lines to the out-of-square walls at each end and post this measurement on your drawing.
Walls seldom define a room squarely, but you can make paper-and-pencil adjustments much more easily than you can rebuild a wall. If you can't set a full tile in the doorway because your plan already incorporates wide border tiles, you may be able to minimize the effect of a cut tile with a threshold in the doorway.

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