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The lathe spins a workpiece so a fixed tool can be applied to it to create a variety of circular shapes. Woodworking is a solitary hobby and it requires tools and techniques that are inherently dangerous. Wood Turning Lathe — Buy Wood Turning Lathe, Price , Photo Wood Turning Lathe, from Friends Woodworking Machinery, Company. The Wood Lathe is an invaluable woodcraft tool necessary for any wood shop to make furniture legs, spindles, bowls, and countless other decorative wood pieces.
The first step towards efficient use of wood lathe is employing a suitable lathe for your project.
The first step towards selecting the correct cutting tools lies in choosing the lathe operation you are going to start with.
It is advised that when you want to cut the stock to a desired length; start with a relatively short length, that is, less than two foot long for an intermediate or medium-sized lathe, especially for beginners. Prior to this stage, you should have read and understood your manual before proceeding with your lathe project for specific instructions, features and safety instructions. Smooth the round finished piece of work by accelerating the speed of your lathe while holding your cutting tool such that it barely has contact with your wood.
The Powermatic 3520B has a lot of features that any woodturner wood love to have in a lathe.
Today’s wood lathes almost exclusively rely on electric motors to generate turning power and for the most part all follow the same basic design.

The Jet JWL 1220 is a wood lathe that is very well liked by a lot of people, and the reasons why are pretty obvious. The tailstock can be locked down anywhere along the bed of the lathe for workpieces of various lengths.
Always double check to make sure your work is securely clamped in the chuck or between centers before starting the lathe.
When running a lathe in reverse, it is possible for a chuck or faceplate to unscrew unless it is securely tightened on the lathe spindle, preferably with a set screw. The lathe rotates a work piece on its axis to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, turning, etc. Bench top lathes are ideal for turning small projects while larger machines are better for spindles such as table legs, and home or office furniture. Lathe tools (called chisels) feature round, long and curved handles to offer a solid grip and sufficient leverage for the turner’s control of the cutting edge with less weariness. Once you are comfortable with your lathe, it’s components and operation it is time to select your choice of wood for your project. We’ll look at four lathes from different manufacturers and compare them in terms of size and weight, motor, features and price. But prior to the industrial revolution wood was being turned for thousands of years on increasingly sophisticated man powered lathes.
The chuck key can be a lethal projectile if the lathe is started with the chuck key in the chuck.

With its operation dating back to ancient Egypt, wood turning and ornamental lathes can produce three-dimensional pieces of incredible complexity.
Turn lathe off, swing tool to rest, chose suitable grit and sand paper type, switch on lathe and sand the cut work piece. While PSI might not have the brand reputation of some of the other major players they do offer a lot of value, and the reviews on this particular lathe have been quite positive. These safety manuals prepared by the editors of Fine Woodworking provide the foundation of safety knowlege every woodworker should know.
The lathe can be used for the production of several beautiful decorative wood projects such as woodwind instruments, furniture, stair balusters, and any number of beautiful pieces from bowls to vases. The Tailstock is the free spinning end of the lathe and contains the cup center, tailstock spindle and hand-wheel or other components used for clamping work piece between the centres of the lathe. Once in a while stop the lathe to confirm progress and check cracks in wood and debris accumulation on lathe bed.

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