Kunz block planes, mini t track woodworking - For Begninners

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With an iron bedded at 22 degrees and an iron bevel of 25 degrees, this plane's cutting angle of 47 degrees is a great choice for those general trimming and finishing tasks where a larger bench plane would be too large. The standard block plane is typically used with one hand and is one of the most useful planes you can get for your shop.
This Palm Block Plane, also known simply as Palm or Pocket Plane, is the perfect plane for those final trimming tasks where a regular sized block plane would be too big.

110 by KUNZ features a lever cap that extends all the way to the edge of the cutting iron as well as an integrated lever cap tightening wheel. The company is one of the few remaining German toolmakers specializing in traditional woodworking tools such as hand planes and spokeshaves. Since 1993, the tradition of manufacturing KUNZ tools to their usual high attention to detail and precision has been carried out by Tresselt in Grossbreitenbach, Germany.

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