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Whether your kitchen is small, you want to use your island as a dining area or cooking zone, view these images and get creative in your approach to your kitchen island design.A kitchen island is one of the most popular requests when designing a new kitchen. However, some kitchens are smaller than others and the layout does not always allow for a fixed large island.
Here are some idea’s for your kitchen design, whether you have a small or large space showing different styles and uses of the island.Small Kitchen Island DesignsGenerally speaking, it’s tough to get an island into a 3m x 2m kitchen.
Many factors—such as wall configurations, door and window openings and plumbing details—help determine whether you can fit an island into your design. These kitchens utilise small mobile island designs, with the option to move the island easily if it gets in the way. The kitchen itself is small, having the island on wheels gives the user flexibility in the space. This is a cost effective and funky approach to design and can be easily made and designed by you. Mobile islands will save you $1500 or more on your new design.Kitchen Islands – A Dining SpaceThe kitchen is no longer reserved only for cooking.
Today, family and friends gather in the kitchen to chat about their day, finish off business, or share a glass of wine.

A kitchen island integrates the kitchen with adjacent living space, accomplishing an open, casual feel. Creating a relaxed and integrated kitchen space, this island looks like a dining table and functions as part of the kitchen. The design is modern, sleek and elegant with the bench extending into the distance creating a spacious and streamlined space.
This self-made kitchen island uses a creative and rustic approach, proving that kitchen islands can be inexpensive and still look impressive, with a little bit of imagination. These kinds of islands eliminate major costs, and add a touch of personality, too.Kitchen Islands – Cooking and StorageA kitchen island is a centralised storage unit that can also function as a cooking hub. The key to designing a functional and ergonomic kitchen is taking into consideration your daily movements in the space, then making these movements efficient and comfortable. Many kitchens that are designed with islands, such as this one, eliminate the need for corners. Further adding to this kitchens functionality is the use of drawers, making storage efficient and easy to use.
Whilst this kitchen utilises an island for cooking and preparation, this island is clear of a cooktop, so it can be used for casual and relaxed dining.

The open shelves underneath make a design statement that contrasts to the slick stainless steel kitchen behind.
Having the cooking zone on the island (cooktop and sink) means that sharing meals around the island becomes less practical.
When designing an island as part of your kitchen, it is important to consider your measurements and take into account the activities that happen in your kitchen, including the opening of cupboard drawers and doors, having multiple people in the kitchen, the placement of your dishwasher, sink and cooktop, etc. Kitchen islands can be a wonderful, beautiful and practical addition to your new kitchen design.
Kitchen IdeasKitchen Trends About nadiah 8 comments Hans Bauer October 8, 2011 at 10:54 am REPLYI really like the idea of the small kitchen island on canisters! Never really thought I could have a kitchen island in my kitchen due to space constraints, but this has given me new ideas for my next project!
As it would meet our needs perfectly nadiah January 22, 2012 at 7:38 am REPLYHi Natasha If this is the correct bench you are talking about, here is the link to the supplier.

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