Keller dovetail jig, wood safe for chinchillas - Review

Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 30.10.2013

Using the Keller Dovetail System is enjoyable and profitable, and it works for you without the complicated, difficult adjustments and wasted wood that all other router jigs require. If you would like to cut dovetail joints in a wide range of projects, from large furniture and chests to cabinets to drawers and other boxwork, the Keller 2401 Pro Series is designed for you.
Whether it's on a small box or a large case piece, no woodworking joint is quite as strong or impressive as a through dovetail.
I've found that with this easy-to-use jig you can rout flawless through dovetails in a matter of minutes.
Next, you'll use the bearing-guided straight bit, set to the same depth as the dovetail bit, to rout the pins.

With it, an entire project can be completed before you'll even have most other jigs set up.
Some dovetail jigs have a learning curve so steep, you'll almost be discouraged from using them. With the dovetail bit in the router and set to the proper height, you're ready to make the first cuts.
The Keller Dovetail System was the first router jig of any kind to be precision machined to industrial standards for consistent, accurate joinery. And unlike many dovetail jigs that require a guide bushing, Keller provides a dovetail bit with a bearing that is sized to precisely fit the slot milled in the template.

Mine is the 1500 model and when you open the box, all you'll find is a thick, phenolic template, two router bits with bearing guides (one dovetail and one straight), and the instructions for using the jig.

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