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Tool manufacturers, given my position here at the magazine, are high on my watch list so when JET introduced the new Vortex Cone Dust Collector (DC-1100VX), the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I ran the collector another few minutes while I watched the dust tornado spin inside the disposable plastic bag (simple minds, simple pleasures), then I pulled the canister from the machine to evaluate the amount of dust inside. When JET released the information about Vortex, I watched the Ed Sanders and Johnny Littlefield video (click the video button). Even though the Vortex collector is an improvement over older designs, there are a couple things for which I will ding JET.
Also these collectors are on wheels, therefore they are supposed to be moved around your shop. Another feature that JET uses on its dust collectors that I dislike is the ring used to hold the lower bag in the housing. Click here for a look at the technical specifications of each of the 1100 CFM Vortex Cone Dust Collectors from JET.
I would like to see a side by side shootout of a Jet Vortex, and the same unit with a Thein baffle separator put before the same unit. I am guessing the real thing to do is to have similar dust (same quantity of fine dust and coarser chips) by weight.

It would be a major benefit to those of us who own a JET dust collector for JET to make a retrofit kit available for the Vortex cone. About five years after JET came out with a built-in remote control for their dust collectors, they made a retrofit remote control available. I have a flat baffle in my collector now, which is only partially effective, and am going to try the cone shape.
I specifically asked a company representative about a retrofit and was told that as of now, JET has no plans to offer the cone assembly separately. If I were in need of these parts to update my JET DC, I would wait a bit for the shine to wear off the new penny.
Jet offered a canister upgrade for existing machines when the cannister filter was released.
A cone shaped object suspended in the housing of the collector could improve dust collection by keeping larger particles from climbing into the canister filter of the collector thus clogging air flow. One area that always has a generous supply of dust is our table saw base – our table saw collector doesn’t quite suck, but it’s close.
That meant there was a large amount of waste hitting the cone and that dust wasn’t traveling into the canister.

I use the above-mentioned hose to pull my collector around the shop – the machine never rolls straight when pulled by the 4” collection hose. Anyway, I’ve always thought that it was better to separate the dust wood chips and dust, plus anything else that might get sucked up before it reaches the impeller and filter. That hose takes a beating with all the dust, shavings and wood pieces that get sucked into the impellers, along with the occasional measuring tape I might add – I’ve had a more rigid hose fail on a different dust collector. Those of us that own a Jet DC-1100 and purchased the retro Canister Kit will not be able to add the new Vortex Cone. Sanders shouts that the 20 minute run time is up, you can see that the dust tornado in his machine is spinning much higher than the waste in the Vortex collector.
That may be my technique, so if you know how to pull the bag out without dusting yourself, please let me know. I luv the setup, it works great, and I wouldn’t ever consider going back to a generic style DC such as the JET.

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