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Connections – Introduction to California Daiku Woodworking bringing traditional Japanese hand tools and techniques to modern hands.
This is an attempt to create a complete list of all books having to do with Japanese woodworking and hand tools techniques. It started for me when I happened upon a demonstration by a Japanese Tea house carpenter, Makoto Imai of Gero, Japan. Click the buttons below to order through PayPal, or contact us for other types of payment. This 2 DVD set includes over 2 hours of instruction about the ideas and working concepts for setting up and using wooden-bodied Japanese planes called “kanna”.

Starting with a brief introduction of the tools used for working lumber into boards prior to the invention of Japanese pull planes, the chona, yari-ganna, and Chinese push planes are outlined. Although aimed at Japanese furniture collectors and restorers it is an interesting read if you want to know about the construction details of antique Japanese furniture. You can get the Japanese-text edition instead - see the book titled "Wood Construction for Connecting and Splicing Joints".
Includes lacquerware maker, screen maker, household shrine maker, cabinet maker, wood carver and temple carpenter.

This book is identical to the out-of-print English version, "Wood Joints in Classical Japanese Architecture".

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