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Using a knife hinge can give a sleek look to a modern cabinet, but only if the insallation is clean and precise so that its operation is smooth.
Realizing all that, I went at knife hinges methodically, starting with the mortise in the top and bottom of the doors.
Installing Knife HingesLearn Fine Woodworking contributing author Gary Rogowski's technique for super-solid knife hinge installation. The straight knife hinge is used in situations where the top and bottom of the carcase extend over the door frame, and the door frame covers the carcase sides. Accurate Placement is Key to SuccessLaying out the mortises for either type of knife hinge involves essentially the same steps. Hanging a door with knife hinges begins with making sure the dry-assembled carcase's face is flat and square.

Sorry for such rookie questions, but you'ld think $25 hinges would come with at least a little instructions! The hinges on the left and right are stamped steel with a riveted pivot pin, making them nearly impossible to install accurately. The short leg of the hinge, into which the pivot pin is set, moves the pivot away from the carcase so that the door can swing clear of the carcase side without binding.
Before gluing up the carcase, lay out the two carcase hinge mortises, disassemble the carcase and then rout and pare the hinge mortises. With a laminate shim between the carcase wall and the hinge, the author marks the end of the hinge leaf and the edge of the short leg of the "L." These reference lines set limits for a marking gauge, which is used next.
Position the hinge leaf on the marking-gauge line, mark the end of the hinge leaf and the inside edge of the "L" with a knife, and then erase the pencil lines.

Installed correctly, knife hinges will hold a door true to the face of the carcase and establish a consistent reveal between the door and the carcase sides all the way around. The marking gauge should be set for the distance from the center of the pivot pin to the outside edge of the hinge leaf's long leg. This comes down to a precise hinge setback in both the carcase and door and shimming the door hinge against the carcase wall to set the reveal.

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