How to make wood forms for concrete, drill bits for wood carving - Plans Download

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Stack rocks or concrete rubble inside the form to take up most of the space so that you don’t have to mix up a million bags of concrete. Mix up the concrete and pour or shovel it into the form, making sure to work it down in-between your rubble filler. Go find a kid and let them leave a handprint in the wet concrete, Leave it to Beaver style. Well as someone who does concrete work I need to tell you a few reasons why I would have to rent a jack hammer and redo these stairs if I had done this for any paying customer. For future reference to keep concrete form cracking due frost, drop a tablespoon or two of dish soap into the mix.

You need to use properly compacted material for your stair base and I doubt any rebar went into this project so you may not need to worry about them for long anyway. That’s because you always cut the tread thickness off the bottom of the stair jacks-which makes all the risers equal. If you want shorter steps for oldsters, et al, make them all shorter, it will be safer for everyone. You should try to find out the relevant codes and follow them they are generally there for good reason.
This creates microscopic bubbles in the concrete allowing moisture room for expansion when it freezes.
I was searching for a small set of steps to build for my personal use in my own backyard and i think i’ve found them.

You need to measure how far the stairs have to drop and calculate the risers to ensure they are even.
For now I am currently trying to build concrete stairs and a concrete stub wall around my basement.

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