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Predator guards for nest boxes minimize predation of eggs, nestlings, and adult birds at the boxes. We also experience occasional predation from the Great Plains rat snake, domestic cat, raccoon, and probably other animals.

We use metal cone predator guards successfully with eastern bluebird and wood duck nest boxes. We have tried several other predator guards with eastern bluebird nest boxes, including nylon mesh cones by themselves, greased poles, pepper extract treated poles, and electrified wires. Nylon mesh cones by themselves significantly reduce predation, but trap snakes by entangling them in the mesh. Placing nest boxes on posts of electric fences or wrapping electrified wires around posts or pipes below nest boxes have successfully deterred predation in the relatively few nest boxes that we protect in this manner. For more information about nest box management, feel free to contact one of our wildlife and fisheries specialists. John James Audubon did some of his most famous bird drawings as he explored on foot along the Natchez Trace, which happens to be located near Star, Mississippi, where we design and make all our Heartwood homes. Season after season, this delightful nesting box is a joy to behold and a breeze to maintain thanks to easy twist latch and slide-front panel that also inverts for winter roosting.
Predator guards on posts are essential to protect eggs, nestlings and incubating parents from climbing predators.
You can make a homemade compass to scribe the metal, using a stick of wood with two sharp nails placed 18" part, or a piece of string and a magic marker. You can either attach the cone to the post using angled wooden blocks (see Step 6) or metal tabs from the center hole that bend over and are nailed to the pole. If you don't make pre-cut metal tabs you can make angled wood blocks to nail the guard in place.

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While birding has come a long way since Audubon's time, today with our four-season nesting boxes and basic homes, you don't need to go to anywhere to enjoy all manner of wonderful bird life flocking to your door.
To make the first cut (A-B line) make a slot at A with a cold chisel to insert metal shears. The tennis ball fills any holes or gaps that would allow small snake or mouse to come up the pole trying to reach the box. When nest boxes are present continuously in the same area, predation generally increases dramatically by the third year. When a snake overcomes a metal cone guard, we sometimes add a nylon mesh cone below the metal cone to deter or trap the snake.
Watch this photos of a Yellow-bellied Water Snake in a Wood Duck box outfitted with a 30" cone guard. I plan to try some metal cone guards with a larger diameter, but I do not know whether they will be practical.

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