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Painted wood slats, with some simple assembly, become a dramatic headboard when taken up to the ceiling. Here you have it, a wall to wall, all inclusive slatted headboard and floating platform bed that started out as a sketch on a piece of paper.
The following columns include getting the wood ready, on the wall, adding tables and reading lamps and constructing the floating platform bed. Once all of the pieces were upstairs, we laid the four large slats down in vertical fashion with the two smaller slats running perpendicular along the back of them. After the slats were all connected and secured, we began measurements for securing the finished product to the wall. Luckily, with moving the nightstand on the one side of the bed, we were able to actually center the headboard on the wall and the control was no longer an issue. After we had the correct measurements for our remaining toggle locks and they were installed, we realigned the headboard against the wall and secured it with screws.

The final product came out even better than I expected and I absolutely love how it makes the room look much more complete now. No matter what else you do to a bedroom, the lack of a headboard makes the room feel unfinished. We were inspired by a headboard that we had seen on Pinterest that featured horizontal slats of wood and overall had a rustic feel to it. You don’t need to spend too much time making them perfect, as the character in the slats adds to the finished product, however, make sure they are void of any extremely rough patches or corners. After measuring our desired distance from each end of the slats, we started with our first board and attached it to the vertical slat with a wood screw. We marked the vertical slats in two spots (between boards 1 and 2 and below board 4) and used a drill bit to drill a hole directly through. However, we now have a out-of-place toggle lock in the middle of our headboard that needs covering – whoops!

This is part of the Whole House Makeover weekly series I’ve been doing for The Indianapolis Star, so there was no time or resources that would allow for a flop. Once the top board was secure, we spaced the second board 1.25 inches from the bottom of it and again attached to the vertical slat. In order to get the exact location for each lock, we lined the headboard up with the first toggle already in place and realized that our heat control was going to hinder the rest of our installation with the headboard in the current spot. A bed will always be the focal point of the bedroom and a headboard is the crowning moment.

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