How to make a router table insert plate, storage buildings floor plans - With Secrets

Categories: Woodworking Shelf Plans | Author: admin 21.05.2012

Make your table top easily changeable so you can have a top for different bit sizes or multiple router mounts in one top.
I have a cheap old Craftsman table saw and I want a better router installation on the right wing extension. The best way to cut an insert opening in a router table is by guiding your router with a flush trim bit against a template made for the insert plate.

Now mix up some quick-set two-part auto body filler and pack it into the corners of the template up to the insert plate to fill the gaps.
When the filler dries, carefully tap the plate free and shave away any extra filler from the corner curves.
Wax the corner areas of your plate to keep glue from sticking to it, and place it on a flat, waxed paper surface.

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