How to make a good balsa wood bridge, general lathe duplicator reviews - Review

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This educational product makes possible for students to learn how to design and assemble balsa wood bridges. Parents and teachers interested in helping young students with the construction of a good balsa wood bridge, can be certain that this affordable software will not only guide the students in building bridges that satisfy all the requirements, it will also induce creativity and confidence to complete every task in an efficient way.
Students have the opportunity of viewing a wide variety of standard and original bridge designs. Students are also taught how to plan and design on graph paper the construction of their own bridges. One of the positive aspects of this software is that it gives students ideas on bridge design, in addition to basic principles they have to keep in mind in order to construct a strong bridge.
After helping the student design a bridge on paper or in the computer, our software will guide the student step-by-step, from the beginning to the end, how to assemble the entire bridge.

After viewing the content of this software, we believe that every student will have the knowledge, the confidence, and the determination to design and build a good balsa wood bridge that meets all the requirements. One of the tutorials incorporated in the software shows in detail the complete step-by-step planning and construction of the bridge shown in the last picture.
If you are interested in purchasing this educational product (Balsa Wood Bridges - Product # BRID1), please send your check or money order for $125.00 to the address shown below.
One important component of this product is a large set of digital pictures of approximately 100 real balsa wood bridges. They will see the benefits of making a blueprint on graph paper or in the computer, before building the actual bridge.
The tutorials incorporated in the software use more than 200 pictures and graphics to explain numerous bridge construction principles, including how to cut and join the wood sticks for maximum strength.

The Purchase Order must show the school name, address, and phone number, and must be signed by an administrator or department chairperson that is authorized to make purchases. In that way, students can observe how every side of the bridge was put together, including its front, top, side, and bottom.

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