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But I was intrigued with the creativity that seemed to be a big part of the Disney Infinity experience, and Disney is a brand I’ve always trusted. I’d done some research into Minecraft, and, from what I can tell, the Disney Infinity Toy Box improves on the Minecraft open-world experience on a number of levels. The biggest redeeming quality about Minecraft is the creativity it forces upon kids, who get to build their worlds block by block (water blocks, solid rock blocks, etc.).
There are plenty of options in Minecraft, but it doesn't hold a candle to the ability to instantly shift your world in Disney Infinity by loading up a new power disc.

In Minecraft's "survival mode," you have to build shelters that will withstand hordes of zombies. Disney Infinity lets you be just about any character (well, any character you want to purchase), starting with Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley, or Mr. One of the first things I heard with Disney Infinity was how easy it was to figure stuff out—even the construction and programming-lite "creativi-toys" section of the Toy Box, in which you can assign certain behaviors to certain gadgets. The scariest thing about it is that you can choose to be a villain (like Syndrome from The Incredibles) as your character in the Toy Box.

The world-creation aspect of Toy Box is a lot more intuitive than Minecraft and much more interesting.

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