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My wife is a professional artist and I have made her several easels over the past few years and I still haven't built one like the Best brand easels (one in your photo) because she doesn't want one, here's why. It's too pretty artists get paint, turpenoid, and all sorts of other things on their easels, after the first two paintings it wouldn't look very pretty any more. Ben Grosser is an artist and composer who also directs the Imaging Technology Group at the Beckman Institute. With them, he states that even a novice, with borrowed tools and no woodworking experience, can build their own large easel for under $100, handling paintings as well as some large easels costing many times that much.
There is also a gallery of photos from people who have built their own easels using Grosser’s plans (images above, bottom row), as well as emails with anecdotes, descriptions of customizations and clever enhancements, and even stories of easels built from scrap materials for under $20, some of them looking wonderfully rough hewn and rustic.

Grosser was offering easily downloadable PDF versions of his plans, but his generosity was repaid by scavengers ripping off his free plans, stripping out his credits and selling them on eBay as if they had created them; so he has had to discontinue the PDFs. If you decide to build an easel, be sure to send him photos and comments about your experience.
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After being frustrated early in his painting career by the cost of large easels that would accommodate his desire to paint large canvasses, he decided to build his own. But for some reason easels are just not my cup of tea at the moment and I am quite content painting without one. In my opinion, just be comfortable and do what feels natural for you and really allow your unique painting style the freedom to develop – easel or not.

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