How to build a wood heated pallet hot tub, make doll furniture for money - PDF Review

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Next was a visit to the local building supply store where I bought 34, 8” cement blocks. At $75, I figured that these would be the cheapest way to support us and not catch fire. It takes about 3 hours to heat that much water to the ideal temp, which is considered to be 103? F.
But consider the costs of a manufactured “Spa” (they call them spas today): $3,000-$4,000 will buy you a basic modern unit that is ready all the time with hot, filtered and chemical-ed water. For a $300 total investment, a few sticks of firewood created by the sun (free, discarded Oak pallets burn well) and no other cost, you can soak in your hot tub any time you want – as long as you plan ahead, that is.

I could cut a piece of 1” thick white packing foam to seal the top to keep out dirt and use the water again. But it is easier to simply drain the tub onto the yard and garden.
If I still lived in the Midwest, where winters can be very cold, I would probably not use this kind of tub. You can build this hot tub yourself! You can maintain it yourself. You can fix it yourself. In almost every way, my new sun-powered tub is superior to the old redwood tubs of the 70s.

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