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He even routered the edge of the ramps so that they are more easily accessed by a wheelchair, and this helps to make sure it doesn’t split and break.
After he finished building the ramps I told him I wanted to put some of those non-skid things on it, maybe even some sort of reflective tape on it.
After I painted them we left them out overnight and there was some spotting from the evening’s moisture. The one thing we would do differently is that he would’ve puttied in the screw holes on top of the ramp before I painted them. Hopefully, with this information you and your dad will be well on the way to getting the ramp built and installed properly.

Lumber can often be warped or simply not straight, so this overhang will allow the ramp to still look straight. This is thick enough to have a wheelchair or walking device go over it safely and hold any weight placed on it.
They work great to allow a safe lip and final transition from the plywood to the existing floors.
This picture also gives you a good idea of how the cross bracers become handles when you need to move the ramp.
You’ll need to use different length screws as you attach the supports to the plywood top (longer at the top of the ramp and shorter at the bottom of the ramp).

Well, if we’re going to host on a regular basis, maybe we should have our own wheelchair accessible ramps. And besides that, some of the family members have mobility issues so having ramps rather than two large steps just makes sense for several reasons.

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