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This is the funny age old question, which pickets should I use on my new wood fence, which is better.
D&C has installed wood fences under many different applications where the spacing on the posts needed to change.
Double Drive wood gates are very typical in the wood fence realm and a standard opening for a double drive wood gate is anywhere from 8' opening to 10' opening. D&C can custom build and install any type of wood with metal frame roller gate and add swing or roller gate operators to any of these types of gates.
Now that your fence posts are set and ready to be built on, we will start building a wood fence. I am assuming that you cherish your time of from work and rather be golfing or doing some other fun activities than building a wood fence so we want to save you time.
Quality metal buildings and metal carport kits that are easy to assemble and made in the USA. Here at Electric Gates Direct we have been manufacturing and installing high quality metal & wood combined gates throughout the UK for many years. A traditional wooden privacy fence is typically built using 4" x 4" x 8' treated pine wood posts set 30" deep in concrete footings on 7' centers. A skirt board is a board that is installed at the bottom of a new wood fence that adds height as well as keeps your bigger investment, the pickets, off the ground which helps to prevent future rot at the bottom of your pickets.
For instance if a wood fence is installed on Padre Island it is expected to meet island codes. This is a wood fence built with pickets being installed opposite sides of one another and spaced apart.
A very standard style custom wood fence we get a lot of requests on is to add a foot of lattice to the top of the new 6' wood fence built.

D&C builds these gates to the same specs as the walk gates except we do offer if requested 6"x6" treated heavy duty wood posts for these gates and highly recommend them. When you are building a wood fence, the style you choose may require some modification in the height positioning of stringers. This is to compensate for the thickness of the bracket.It is best to cut in place where your wood is at each section.
For an island code wood fence the center of the posts has to be 6' spacing and a 36" depth along with all rails being attached to posts with hurricane galvanized straps.
With the cap and trim wood fence D&C uses 10' long 4" x 4" treated posts set in concrete footings, typically uses 3-2" x 4" treated pine horizontal rails, and for the custom look adds a 2" x 6" treated pine top cap flat on top of new fence and trims out the dog ears of the pickets under this cap with a 1x2 trim board to cover dog ears and give a really nice custom look. It does two things, one is it allows wind to pass thru easier which helps fence to hold up better and second gives a little more openness to a yard if that is the desire. One normal trait of all wood pickets, treated or cedar, is that the pickets over time will shrink.
D&C uses standard on all gates built a hot dipped galvanized gate hardware that is powder coated painted black. When a gate is too large to build all out of wood, we recommend using a heavy duty galvanized frame gate and attaching wood pickets to this frame. A circular saw with a long extension cord would be a good choice.If your friend is there to help you while you are building a wood fence, you can have him place the 2x4s in the corresponding brackets, and try it in place, the top 2x4, to be sure the way you measured is correct. This is a great option and we highly recommend adding a 3rd middle rail to all wood fences. We build this with heavy duty lattice and a beautiful custom picture framed look at the top.
Also standard with all D&C walk gates that sets us apart from all our competitors is that we use 4" x 6" x 8' treated gate posts, even though the rest of the fence has 4" x 4" posts.

For example if a double drive gate opening is 13' wide, we will weld two 6'6" wide galvanized metal frames for this opening, set two 6" x 6" heavy treated wood posts, and attach pickets on new metal frames and hang gates. After rails are installed D&C will install typical 1" x 6" x 6' wood dog eared pickets to new posts and rails for a finished wood privacy fence.
This style of fence eliminates those gaps by adding a 1x2 strip run vertical with the pickets on every joint, basically giving it a custom look kind of like siding on a house, and absolute total privacy. Another huge difference on D&C gates is we will use cedar 2" x 4" framework on the new gate. As far as type of posts used for wood fences we gave you the standard, 4" x 4" x 8' treated posts, you could also upgrade using 4" x 6" x 8' treated posts if desired. Please let us know if you would like this option and we would be glad to add it to your fence estimate. Not only will these jigs save you time but they will keep your fence consistent and professional looking. Tape measure, extension cord, circular saw and hammers.If you would like to get back to the home page click on the building a wood fence link. Note that D&C carry's two different sizes of wood pickets, the 1" x 6" and the 1" x 4", which both look great. The size of these jigs varies according to different fence designs.Rip a fence board in half, lengthwise. This is the marking for a six foot high fence.Hold your jig up at each post, with the top edge of the board just slightly brushing the line.

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