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The smartest part of the whole design is that each of the four sides are built separately and then bolted together. We followed the building plans pretty closely, making a few adjustments to better suit our needs. We switched the ladder to the left hand side of the bed, instead of the right side where it was originally, because it made more sense in our space. As stated in the comments of Ana White’s plan, you will need a little more wood then is on the shopping list. We used peel and stick velcro to secure the mattress slats to the side rails, once the bed was finished and assembled.
Emma loves having the top bunk and keeps a bunch of her favourite things up there to go to bed with.
As for when to do it, we decided to build the entire bed first, then we unbolted the four sides from each other to stain them and add the top coat. We actually used standard single mattresses for both the top and bottom bunks, but it really depends on how thick your mattresses are. It fits the back wall in their room so well and really opens up the floor for playing. Emma loves being able to sleep on the top bunk and Brendan transitioned out of his crib into the bottom bunk even better then we expected.

I love the simple lines of it and the fact that the top bunk rail is so substantial and integrated into the whole design. We wanted something that would hold them in place, but also be easily removable in case we need to take it down to move it at some point in the future.
I wish my kids got along well enough for bunk beds but I think it’d just turn into one more thing to fight over. I was debating how the bed finish would work with the chalkboard wall and I’m so glad we went for it.
For our master bed we just used the finishing wax and it’s held up beautifully so I think you’d be fine with that! After it was all dry we brought it into the bedroom and bolted the four side together again and added the mattress slats with velcro.
I know this post is from a while ago, but I just found it on Pinterest and I love your version of these bunk beds! Our mattress on the top bunk comes up to the middle of the second slat so there’s plenty of railing depth around the bed still.

I wish I would have taken note of that when we first built the bunk bed, but if I were to take a guess I’d imagine we spent about $150-$200 or so on supplies. He looks so little in that big bed but I know it won’t be long until he fills it out!
We have a standard thickness mattress for the bottom bunk but need to find something for the top bunk.
A lot of that depends on where you can source your wood from and what kind of wood you decide to build with.
I went back and forth a bit on what to do for our kids as well but finding a building plan we loved so much made it easier to decide to go for the build this time.

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