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Soluguard Woodworm Treatment Concentrate is a concentrated woodworm treatment supplied in water-soluble sachets. Each pack contains 5 sachets, each of which dilutes in water to produce 5 litres of woodworm treatment - producing 25 litres in total.
Once diluted, Soluguard Woodworm Treatment can be applied to affected timbers by brush or spray at a rate of 1 litre per 3-4m2. Soluguard Woodworm Treatment Concentrate is based on the tried and tested active ingredient Permethrin which targets all stages of the woodworm's lifecycle (eggs, larvae, and adult beetle).
When treating smaller areas, Soluguard Woodworm Treatment Ready for Use should be considered. If your woodworm problem only affects small wooden items, such as a chair or musical instrument, you may be able to sort it out using Rentokil DIY woodworm products. If you think you might need professional woodwork control, call Rentokil Property Care free on 0800 0121 437 to arrange an appointment. Our range of DIY woodworm products gives you a choice of woodworm fluid, woodworm spray and woodworm classic wax polish.

For larger areas or for structural timbers, call us free on 0800 0121 437 to arrange an appointment to professionally assess and then treat any woodworm problem.
Woodworm is a popular term used for common furniture beetle (Anobium puncatum) which is the most common wood boring insect found in buildings throughout the UK.
Protectahome were asked to carry out a detailed inspection of this imposing stone built structure and tender for necessary Woodworm Treatment.
The extent and method of the proposed work met with the approval of the supervising conservation officer and was carefully performed by our skilled, directly employed technicians. For more information on Woodworm Treatmentor to book a Survey please Contact Us on 0845 601 1980 or to download this Case Study as a PDF Click Here. Our products have been designed using our 80 years of experience in woodworm control and are safe and effective.
You can kill woodworm by surface spraying the infested area or, by using the specially designed injector to apply the treatment right into the flight holes. As part of this work Damproofing, Woodworm Treatment and extensive Basement Waterproofing was required.

Our experienced Surveyor then prepared a Woodworm Treatment strategy appropriate to the problem being experienced and sympathetic to the structure.
The work involved the application of Timber Preservative to all retained Floor Timbers of the building. The treatments, which can be used in the home and garden, include a woodworm spray in three sizes.
The delivery mechanism used included hand and spray application of low odour water based Insecticide, all phased to meet with the Main Contractors program of works.

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