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ANOTHER DREAM KITCHEN WITH AN OPEN FLOOR PLAN .Inspiration for a contemporary open concept family room in Portland with beige walls and medium tone hardwood floors. Even if you don’t place the TV there right away, it could be smart planning to allow for electrical outlets near the column.This is an example of a contemporary look-out basement in Dc Metro with white walls and no fireplace. It used to be that open floor plans were limited to certain geographic regions and buyer profiles.
Delineate the Space with RugsAnother amazingly simple way to organize large, open spaces is by using smart and appropriate area rugs. Using rugs is a convenient way to demarcate various spaces in an open floor plan while bringing a sense of sophistication and posh elegance to your home. Pick a more formal-looking rug for the dining space, while light and breezy patterns look appealing in the living room.

Room-Within-A-RoomThe entire idea of arranging a space methodically and aesthetically in an open floor plan is essentially about creating several rooms within a larger room. A slightly raised floor in one section of the room easily creates a distinction between various areas while making the transition smooth and appealing. This approach is often used in modern homes to distinguish the kitchen from the rest of the room while making it the instant focal point. Look Towards the Ceiling!If the elevated floor does not do the trick for you, then the heavens will surely step in and help! A smart dropped ceiling or even carefully placed wooden beams in a certain area of the room immediately draw your attention and help organize that individual area by clearly setting its borders.
Much like a raised floor, a dropped ceiling also allows you to highlight a certain feature in the open floor plan in an understated manner.6.

Recessed and Dramatic LightingThis one sounds innately simple, yet lighting is the single most important feature in decorating any interior. Regardless of the quality of decor or the planning that you put in, bad lighting can create a dark and confused look even in an open and airy setting.
Use a set of recessed lights evenly across the floor to fashion a basic layer of lighting and then add several layers on top of this to distinguish various individual spaces.
Stylish Shelving UnitsSmart shelving units present another functional way to divide the room without actually impeding the flow of one room into another.

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