Helical head jointer, wooden fruit bowl handmade - Review

Categories: Woodworking Plans Dresser | Author: admin 25.03.2013

I have a very old jointer which I would love to upgrade with this spiral cutterhead but all attempts to contact Sunhill go unanswered. Shortly after I bought my straight-knife 6" jointer, models started coming with spiral cutterheads that shear the stock for less tear-out on figured woods.
This makes the cutterhead cut with an action more akin to the industrial cuttterhead that inspired spiral heads in consumer machines.

I did notice that the pulley on the Sunhill spiral cutterhead didn't align perfectly with my jointer's drive pulley, but it didn't affect the performance. Replacement knives are sold in boxes of 10 and priced per box and listed with the journal head listings.
Experience the knife replacement savings, quieter cutting, reduced tearout, and clean cutting of a journal head for your planer or jointer.

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