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Pamper your hand tools and shop supplies in this elegant home'but elegant doesn't mean complicated. Striking veneer combines with simple plywood construction to create a fitting home for all your fine woodworking tools. With graceful lines and contrasting woods, this furniture-grade tool chest is nice enough to be displayed in your home.

This compact and handsome storage project creates the perfect place for your small hand tools. Building a tool chest like this is a good way to hone skills that you can use in furniture projects. Kol, the plans were a kit bash of 2 articles from popular woodworking, one for a tool cabinet, the other for 19th century secretary (the center section).
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Great piece of work!It's also refreshing to see one of these masterpieces with REAL tools in it -- sanders, cordless drills, even a light and a plug strip -- rather than the usual museum of molding planes and brace-n-bits, plus of course the 3,412 chisels accumulated through years of not dating.Great work, and I hope you are getting good use out of it.

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