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Heated at around 450 degrees F, softwoods become darker, more durable, and almost rot-free, with the tradeoff being that the wood is a bit harder to work with. About 15 years ago, forest product folks in Finland developed a high-temperature processing treatment for softwoods with the goal of increasing its durability.
Because the treatment leaves it more dense as well as brittle, drilling properly sized clearance and pilot holes for screw fasteners is a must.
Heat Treat Certification : Heat treat services, wood, pallets, crates, and boxes from Chandler Packaging in San Diego.

Chandler Packaging is certified to heat treat wood pallets, boxes, and crates in our on-site heat treatment equipment.
By having our own heat-treatment facility on-site, we can provide a quicker turnaround on all wood products used in shipping: pallets, crates, boxes, and more.
The heat treat process is safe, using heat to raise the internal temperature of wood to eliminate the possibility of pest infestation, in accordance with both domestic and international shipping regulations.
If your company routinely needs safe, treated wood for use in pallets, crates and woodboxes and more - give us a call.

And a board below will remove too much access to the soil, for tomatoes and most squash or melons; so yes, remove some lumber below.
It is a treatment where the wood is heated to the minimum core temperature of the specific to the wood type.

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