Hardwood dowel plugs, how to build a wood kitchen table - Review

Categories: Woodworking Plans Dresser | Author: admin 17.03.2013

Our premium spiral-grooved Birch dowel pins are made from the highest quality Birch lumber. As I am sure all of you know, 2 weeks ago we launched a brand new product line- Specialty Square Dowels!
Our side grain cabinet door plugs are used to repair misaligned euro style hinge holes in cabinet doors.

These Woodworking Kits contain an assortment of 400 Flat Head Screwhole Plugs which are perfect for any home workshop. Our premium Mahogany Round Head Screwhole Plugs have a tapered tenon to insure a tight fit. We sent out a email to all of our wonderful customers and offered them an exclusive 10% discount off their entire order when they purchase any specialty square dowels.

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