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Offering an unsurpassed selection of high quality burls, vase and bowl blanks, turning squares, table slabs and bases, plus stabilized pen, knife, call and reel seat blanks. Our top priority is to provide customers the highest quality burl wood at a reasonable cost.
We established Bad Dogs Burl Source in Oregon shortly after we acquired two 8-week old labrador puppies, Kuma and Kriscoe. Here are images of two of the trees.The following images are of a beach ball sized cherry burl from this forest, an end-grain bowl blank cut and mounted on the lathe, and the bowl turned and finished. It seems that burls come in spurts, usually just when I am getting desperate for interesting wood to turn.
I am careful where I get burls and make sure they are from a person's private land or harvested legally. This burl cluster was about 6 ft long and 4 ft in diameter and took all day to cut into bowl blanks. Several months after getting about 15 bowl blanks from this large burl, I was offered a downed black ash tree that was full of burls. So far I have a dozen of these burls in my shop.A month ago I got a call from a guy from the cities who has land in northern Minnesota with lots of burls.
I turned four bowls from this piece, all end-grain so the outer rim of the bowl (the top) shows the contours and bark of the outer part of the burl. The images below show the burl and several shots of the final bowl, which is about 18" in diameter and 5" high.You can see I have been busy.

I am building up an inventory and as they dry and are finished they will be posted on the For Sale pages of the web site.
Here are some images of the cherry burls and the first one I turned.Large cherry burls in my garage waiting to be cut and turned.
The demand for burls has increased this year so prices have gone up, about double what I paid last year. There is an world wide market for burls but they are often so over priced I would have to charge so much for bowls no one would buy them. I realize the prices of my burl bowls are high, but I often pay over a third of the selling price for the burl itself. Everyone made two bowls, one a large one, from different wood (black ash, red oak, bur oak, Russian olive, and butter nut).
All of my burls are purchased from local loggers or friends, and seldom is a burl obtained from a growing tree, although it is possible to cut a small burl from a large tree with little harm, especially if the cut is sealed with tree tar.
Thus bowls made from burls are special and have amazing grain figuring, and they also bring a much higher price, especially the larger ones. Following this image is a slide show with several more views including the burl from which it was carved.
The foot of the bowl will be made in the center of the top of the burl which should give the best grain figuring. This creates limitations for the size and shape of the bowl, but the bark is beautiful and an important natural feature of the burl.

This bowl now needs to dry for a couple of months and be sanded and oiled which will bring out the grain patterns and colors, although the roughly turned bowl already looks very nice.I was given a small maple burl from one of the students in my last wood turning class. The extreme unsymmetrical nature of the burl is very clear in these images, and you can understand the difficulty deciding how to mount it on the lathe. The foot of the bowl will be turned at the top of the burl, as shown in the image to the right.
Aspen burls are my favorite since they have great grain figuring, unusual colors, and spectacular natural bark edges. Here are some burls and the resulting freshly turned bowls, which of course must dry for several months before sanding and oiling to bring out the spectacular grain and colors.
There is no substitute for experience in making this decision!This burl is about 19" in diameter and the resulting bowl about 14" in diameter.
The next example shows how an unsymmetrical gnarly burl gives a very differently shaped bowl.Note that the foot or bottom of the bowl will come from the left side (tail stock side) of the burl.
I have several more aspen burls to turn, one is a 2 ft diameter giant that I can hardly lift.

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