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Categories: Wood Work Table Plans | Author: admin 17.10.2014

They do say that if you call to complain, they will restore your original subscription length. Fast forward about 10 days, and Mouse Print* received another complaint about a magazine subscription being shortened, but this time it was Family Handyman. Each 1-year (11 issue) subscription includes a special issue, which counts as 2 in your subscription.
Mouse Print* asked the publisher of both magazines some very pointed questions about their letters and their seemingly unilateral decision to cut the number of magazines they would deliver to their subscribers.

Many magazines give notice in their solicitations that they may publish special issues in place of or in addition to regular issues of a magazine as part of someone’s subscription. The publisher ignored most questions posed to them, including whether old customers were actually told clearly in advance of signing up for a subscription that their subscriptions could be cut short when special issues were published.
Hopefully, a sharp state Attorney General or the Federal Trade Commission will open an inquiry into whether the publisher was within its rights to shorten readers’ subscriptions in the manner they did. I have been a loyal reader of Family Handyman for years, but it took me all of 2 seconds after reading that letter to be on the phone with their customer service letting them know that I don’t appreciate changing the terms of my agreement without my consent.

I have noticed that the special subscription offers that have come in the mail lately have also been for odd numbers of months. In the letter, we encouraged subscribers, if they were not completely satisfied, to contact us so we could address their concerns immediately by either extending their subscription expiration date or issuing them a refund for the balance of their subscription.

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