Handmade wooden jewelry boxes uk, wood drill press speed chart - Review

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We source fine hardwoods to make handmade wooden jewellery boxes that our talented craftsmen take pride in.
None of our products are veneer - every handmade jewellery box we have is solid hardwood, made in superb woods and all are made with exacting standards. If you are looking for a totally unique Jewelry Box to own or give a as present, then you are in the right place. Since I never create two boxes exactly the same, I am constantly searching for new and exciting woods to incorporate into my designs.

I am proud to put my signature on the bottom of each box, as well as the item number and the woods used in that peice. The designer jewellery box range is made from solid exotic hardwoods such as Bud Rosewood, Padook, Rosewood, Redwood, Sheesham and Stripped Sheesham. We specialise in two main areas: the materials used and the design of the jewellery boxes themselves.
Bud Rosewood (also called Redwood) is a controlled wood source, and so is currently the most expensive hardwood in the world - resulting in the most magnificent products.

They are made from the best possible material - solid wood and made by individual people that care about their skills and have a name and reputation to be proud of.

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